About Us


Kubala Benelux is a Belgian company founded in 2016 that distributes Kubala brand tools in Belgium, Luxemburg, and the Netherlands.

We provide high quality tools that will suit all types of customers. Are you in need of budget-friendly equipment? Eco-friendly tools? Or maybe professional ones? With our high variety of product ranges, everyone will find its happiness.

On top of that, we offer more than 600 different products: masonry tools, trowels, tiler kits, painting essentials, buckets, hammers, levels, and many more. Basically, all the tools that a professional or handyman might need.

Above everything, we trust that the high-quality standards of our tools will speak for itself. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us in order to schedule a meeting in our new showroom located in Zaventem. We will be delighted to show you all the strengths of our tools and why they stand out from the concurrence.